New free downloadable album !!! "The Unreleased Ambient"
New free downloadable album !!! "The Unreleased Ambient"


Agael arised in 2008 after I played in some Livebands.
It is a one man project and not easy to assign to a genre:
Post Black-Metal, Doom, Shoegaze and Dark Ambient...

I write only Theme albums, which means that I let the influences like the environment flow into the music.

The Lyrics are poems set on these themes and exclusively out of my opinion. I write English and also German Lyrics.

The recordings were all made in my Homestudio and take the most of my free time...

I play all instruments exept drums.
Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, sometimes Flute.
The drums are programmed and sampled but that doesnt make it easyer to write and perform a song to a good sound...hope this will change some day... I also sing and speak the vocals.

I want to create emotions with my music how I feel them while writing the music and transport messages within my music about my point of view of the themes.

Hear it...Feel it...