New free downloadable album !!! "The Unreleased Ambient"
New free downloadable album !!! "The Unreleased Ambient"

Agael News

"The Unreleased Ambient"

Today I release an instrumental ambient metal album named 

"The Unreleased Ambient". 
It is downloadable at bandcamp for free, but you can can also name a price! Its on you...

The songs are from the beginning of agael and where ment to be the second album. But in those days my studiocomputer crushed. Over the time I cant forget these songs so I want to work on it...But I could not change anything! They are how they are, how I am. And I think they are worth to be shared, worth to exist. Feel it...

"May your eyes wander over the earth, and recognize the deep of a strong heart. The wind will carry you, like every sunbeam feeds you.
All the best for 2015"

stay unique my friends...



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Thanks to Lightfox for supporting my music on his Youtubechannel!

New Album "Trost" out now!

Limited to 300 copys, Jewel Case, 16 Pages Booklet...professional Quality!!!


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